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  • We believe in education and we believe in the arts. Arts and education are not a separate entity.

  • We believe that an individuals’ personal learning experience is enhanced by their ability to apply it creatively. 

  • While education is the bones of society, the arts are the flesh that give society form and the ability to move in a (given) direction.  Without it, we are left barren and immobile; merely existing instead of thriving.  

  • We demonstrate with our lives that our passions are not just for personal gain, but for our community and culture.  Giving back is the only way to see real reward.  It's the gift that keeps on giving. 

  • We want to pass on a legacy of community involvement encouraging creativity in the expression of the arts.  We believe that music and the arts are a universal language giving everyone a voice and an opportunity for limitless conversation and connection.

  • We believe that in supporting the Arts, we are supporting a healthy, thriving community

Merrimack Valley Music & Arts is a center for the growth and development of a performing Arts community within the Merrimack Valley.  This center will foster beginning, intermediate, and advanced artistic gifts and talents, and embrace those seasoned in their abilities as the inspiration and instruction for the new generation of leaders and learners.



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