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The mission of Merrimack Valley Music & Arts is to:


IGNITE hope and celebration through performance and visual arts.


ELEVATE the pursuit of music and arts in our community with high quality instruction and events that honor and inspire the artist and audience alike.


CELEBRATE the empowerment and confidence that artistic pursuits build within the individual and community


Merrimack Valley Music and Arts will provide a venue for emerging, regional and national talent to showcase their work and to inspire our community. We will offer classes, instruction and events that foster beginning, intermediate, and advanced artistic gifts and talents. Our center is a destination venue and theater to serve those seeking professional instruction and will provide access to many art and music forms.  In part, our purpose is to nurture an atmosphere of celebration and collaboration in our community and throughout the Merrimack Valley. We aim to build artists that are ready for the challenges of presenting their work to both regional and national audiences.


Our studios, located at 145 Essex Street, Haverhill, MA will serve as center for the growth and development of a performing Arts community within the Merrimack Valley.  

An important aspect of our mission is to ensure everyone in the community has equal access to music and arts opportunities. We offer scholarships for the under-served and assistance to individuals whose talents need support.

MVMA is a 501 (c)3 Non Profit Organization.


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